Newquay Cornwall Airport Air Traffic Control

General Aviation

General Aviation Pilots flying to Newquay Cornwall Airport, in aircraft with a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 2.5 tonnes and who do not require handling can call us on 01637 861744 to obtain PPR. As a Flight Training School we are best placed to receive GA visitors and training flights and can offer tea, coffee and self briefing facilities.

We will arrange:

  • Booking in and out with Air Traffic Control
  • Refuelling and parking
  • One-stop payment desk for Landing Fees, Fuel and Parking
  • Easy access to car hire facilities, taxi services and the main bus service into Newquay

For such a large airport with comprehensive aids and services including RADAR and ILS, the landing fees are extremely competitive.

Opening Times

PPR can be arranged by FLYNQY within our published opening times. For arrivals or departures outside of FLYNQY’s published opening times, pilots must request PPR at least 24 hours prior to arrival or departure. For all other arrivals and departures 4 hours notice is required. These out of hours facilities are only available by prior arrangement and incur an out of hours charge.

SUMMER: 09:30 - 18:30 (LOCAL)

WINTER:   09:30 - 17:00 (LOCAL)


All prices are correct at the time of printing (September 2015) and are subject to change. We are only able to accept PPR for aircraft and helicopters not exceeding a maximum take-off weight of 2.5 tonnes.

Price (incl VAT)
Landing Fee £30
Training £25 per approach (Block bookings available on request)
Parking (First 90 Minutes) Free
Parking (After 90 Minutes) £2.40 per tonne or part thereof (per 24 hours)
AVGAS £1.80 / Litre
JET A1 £0.75 / Litre
Out of Hours Charges £40 per hour

GAR Forms and Flight Plans

If you are travelling to or from an overseas location, please ensure that you have submitted any necessary flight plans and GAR Forms and that you have forwarded a copy to us on the following email address:

GAR Forms can now be submitted online via the AOPA Website. The website provides a comprehensive guide to flying abroad, GAR Submission instructions, required notification periods and much more. To submit your application please use the following AOPA Online GAR Submission Form.

How to find us

On arrival you will be directed to the Newquay Cornwall Airport GA Park.

Once you have landed, please follow the path and signs at the end of the GA park. This path will take you infront of the Air Traffic Control Tower. At the end of the path please turn right where you will find a gate and push button to get landside. Once landside please follow the signs for Flynqy Pilot Training.

Map from GA Park to Flynqy Pilot Training