Flying above cloud in Cornwall in Piper PA28

Instrument Rating (Restricted) - IR(R)


The Instrument Rating (Restricted) - IR(R) or IMC enables pilots to fly in reduced visibility, in or above cloud, out of sight of the ground and to make instrument approaches into airports, subject to specified minima. It also helps pilots to improve their general flying skills and is often seen as the next natural step after achieving the PPL. It is useful equally to both new and experienced pilots.

The Instrument Rating (Restricted) - IR(R) test includes full and limited panel instrument flying, use of radio navigation aids whilst flying by sole reference to instruments, instrument approaches, bad weather circuits and landings.

Requirements and Course Structure

The course consists of a minimum 15 hours of training, at least 10 of which must be by sole reference to instruments. You will also be required to pass a multiple-choice written examination and a practical flight test with a CAA authorised examiner.

Training can be started at any time although the rating can only be issued once the applicant has at least 25 hours experience as a pilot since issue of their PPL(A). The IR(R) cannot be added to the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence, as this licence only allows flight in VFR flight conditions.