Aircraft Training Rates

Aircraft Hire Rates

At Flynqy Pilot Training we offer two payment methods to help you get the most out of your flying - 'Pay as you go' and our 'Advanced Payment Scheme' which offers a significant discount on our hourly rates.

The 'Pay as you go' approach allows you to pay for your flying at the end of each flight.

The 'Advanced Payment Scheme' requires a £1500 advanced payment to be made in order for the discounted rates below to be applied, as long as you remain in credit.

The Dual rates below are for PPL / LAPL and NPPL training. Please note, for Night and IMC / IR(R) training an additional £25 per hour surcharge is applicable.

PAYG Solo PAYG Dual Advanced Solo Advanced Dual
Cessna 150 / Cessna 152 £230 £280 £200 £250
Robin R3000 / Piper PA28 £250 £300 £220 £270

Additional Fees and Services

Members Landing Fee (Newquay Airport) £19.75
Circuit Session (Newquay Airport) £19.75
Additional Ground School / Instructor Rate £50
PPL / LAPL Ground Examination £50
Radio Telephony Practical Exam £160 (Initial) / £120 (Resit)
Training in own Aircraft £80 / hour

Training Package Prices

Night Qualification

The Night Qualification package includes 5 hours flight time in your chosen aircraft, all pre and post flight briefings, landing and circuit fees at Cornwall Airport Newquay, membership for the duration of the package and a copy of 'Pooley's Night Rating Manual, Syllabus and Student Record of Training'. This package is available Sunday - Friday from November to March.

Cessna 152 Robin R3000
Night (5 Hours) £POA £POA

Please note: Any additional training required will be charged at the hourly rates listed above. Landing fees incurred at other airports are not included in the package price and must be paid by the student separately. Due to fluctuating fuel prices, a fuel surchage may applied to your package which will be determined by the cost of fuel, as well as the remaining flight hours in your training package.

IR(R) / IMC Rating

The IMC / IR(R) Rating is available in either a Cessna 152 or our Robin R3000 as a package. The IMC Rating package price is based on 15 hours flight time in your chosen aircraft and includes:

  • Landing fees at Cornwall Airport Newquay
  • Air Pilot's Manual Book 5 - Radio Navigation and Instrument Flying
  • IMC Written Exam
  • Ground School for all flights. Please note additional ground school can be purchased for additional support with the theoretical knowledge examination.
Cessna 152 Robin R3000
IMC / IR(R) (15 Hours) POA POA

Please note that any additional training required will be charged at the hourly rates listed above. Landing fees incurred at other Airports are not included in the package price and must be paid by the student separately.


Membership to Flynqy Pilot Training is £165 a year, starting in January. Membership can also be purchased on a monthly basis for £25 a month. Membership includes:

  • Access to our planning and briefing facilities
  • Discounted landing fees at Newquay Cornwall Airport
  • Wi-fi Hotspot
  • Free car parking
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments
  • Insurance
  • Use of life jackets / PLB for over water flights

Trial Flight Experiences

Trial Flight Experiences are available in 30, 40, 50 or 60 Minute durations. Longer flight experiences can be arranged on request by contacting Flynqy Pilot Training with your requirements. For 30 minute and 40 minute experiences please allow a maximum of 1 hour for the entire experience. For 50 and 60 minute experiences please allow a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes for the entire experience.


Cessna 152 Robin R3000
30 Minute £135 £170
40 Minute £180 £220
50 Minute £225 £270
60 Minute £270 £320

Land Away Flight Experience

The Land's End or Isles of Scilly Land Away Flights make for a very special gift (or initial flight) for either an individual or are ideal if two people would like to experience taking the controls. If flying together, the first will have their turn at the controls on the way to your destination and the other can fly back on the return journey to Newquay!

Please note: The Land Away Experience allows for two participants to take part in the Experience. Land Away Flights are available Monday to Saturday (April until October) and Monday to Friday (November - March).


Cessna 152 Robin R3000
Land's End - £435
Isles of Scilly - £720

PPL Starter Packages

The Private Pilot Licence Starter Packages are a perfect introduction to flying for those who are looking for a little more than a Flight Experience or for those looking to take the next step after having a Flight Experience. The packages are based on our most competitive training rates and provide great value for money - plus all the equipment to get you started.

Each Starter Package comes with the following:

  • Flight Training at Cornwall Airport Newquay including fuel and landing fees at Newquay
  • Pre and post flight briefings
  • PPL Book 1 - Flying Training
  • Aircraft Check List
  • PPL Logbook to record your flights
  • Free membership for the duration of your package


Cessna 152 Robin R3000
3 HOUR PACKAGE £830 £900
5 HOUR PACKAGE £1350 £1465

Passengers and Weight Limits

The following passenger numbers and weight restrictions apply.

Cessna 152 Robin R3000
Max People Voucher Holder Voucher Holder + 2
Weight Limit 14.25 Stone / 90 kg 30 Stone / 190 kg
(Combined voucher holder and passengers)