Robin R3000 at Flynqy Pilot Training

Pilot Training

Flynqy Pilot Training is an UK Approved Training Organisation and CAA Registered Training Facility, licenced to conduct training for UK Pilot Licences. We offer training for both the Light Aircraft Pilot and Private Pilot Licences and selected associated ratings.

Operating from Cornwall Airport Newquay, we are privileged to have the stunning views of Cornwall and Devon as a backdrop for our training flights. We aim to make all lessons fun and enjoyable, as well as effective with a mix of ‘old school’ stick and rudder skills and modern training techniques and procedures.

Flynqy Pilot Training and Cornwall Airport Newquay offer a number of unique training benefits, including:

  • One of the UK’s largest runways – measuring 2744m (Recently shortlisted as England's only UK Space Port Location)
  • A professional and formal airport environment – where we are treated with the same level of friendliness and service as commercial and military flights
  • All year round flight training thanks to the hardened runway
  • Full Air Traffic Control (ATC) Service, including Radar and Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)
  • Unrestricted Airspace allowing us to train freely across Cornwall and Devon
  • Fully lit runway allowing evening and night training

At Flynqy we insist on absolute professionalism, best practice and vigorous flight standards - but we also aim to have fun!

Flight Training Courses

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) entitles the pilot to fly an aircraft in visual conditions and is the perfect licence for those wanting to fly as a serious hobby or for anyone looking to become a commercial pilot.

The PPL provides a solid foundation for progression onto further qualifications, including the Restricted Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Licence.

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Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL)

The UK Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) is a new UK icence which entitles the pilot to fly a light aircraft (weighing no more than 2000kg) with up to three passengers on board for private flights in visual flight conditions.

It's ideal for those looking to fly as a hobby or with family and friends for pleasure within UK Airspace!

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Post PPL Ratings and Services

Instrument Rating (Restricted) - IR(R)

This 15 hour course allows a pilot to fly in cloud and out of sight of the ground. It greatly enhances the pilot's licence and is particularly useful in our unsettled British weather.

We will fly a range of approaches (ILS, NDB etc), consider a number of emergency scenarios and we will aim to practice these in real IMC conditions.

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Night Rating

This 5 hour course is absolutely essential for all pilots who operate from Cornwall Airport Newquay with its sophisticated night time lighting system. As well as night flight, this course teaches you how to deal with a range of emergencies and failures at night.

There are no written exams or flight test required!

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Renewals and Revalidations

At Flynqy Pilot Training our instructors can help you to renew or revalidate the ratings that form part of your licence.

Our instructors are able to conduct bi-annual check flights for SEP Rating Revalidations and LAPL Licences. Examiners can easily be arranged for renewals and revalidations.

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